About Us

Mundo Light

The trade mark of Mundolight was created by the DHG Technology Company, employees have  been specialized in aviation and obstruction light systems for years.

Mundolight was established against changing and evolving demands in the market, where the users were not aware of the proper usage of these systems. Mission of company is,  preventing these faults and helping the customers to chose corrrect solutions easily.

The main difference between Mundolight and other companies in the market is, that ,all of the staff who work for Mundolight have ICAO training, are specialized in aviaition lights  and experts on aircraft warning light systems. Furthermore, Mundolight supplies not only  just one one kind of obstruction light, but also can supply  all kinds of warning systems like aviation obstruction lights, LED marine lights, obstacle fixtures, warning spheres, explosion-proof products, windsocks and more for the customers.

Mundolight is not just a company who only sells products, on the contrary, it helps the customers to chose the most economical and right solution. Thus Mundolight is ready to serve your current Project needs and consultancy in this domain.

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