Aircraft Warning Lights

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Aircraft warning lights are lighting devices used to make tall structures more visible to aircrafts, during both daytime and nighttime.  These devices should have specific features, in terms of light intensity, beam pattern and light colour defined by international regulations and national standards.

Aircraft warning lights also called as aviaiton, obstruction or aviation obstruction lights. The other type of the aircraft warning light is marine LED obstruction lights, which are using to make bridges, ports and rocky areas more visible to ships and sea trafific.

Aircraft warning lights (AWL) are lighting devices installed on any permanent or temporary structure which could pose a potential hazard to air navigation. Lighting systems, often called obstruction lights, are designed with different shapes, colours and light intensity to produce an acceptable level of safety: the final purpose is to prevent a risk of collision for aircraft flying  near the structures. Recommendations on obstruction lighting systems, technical standards and functional features, may vary according to terrain  features, weather patterns and  geographic locations

In general there is no single standard defining minimum mandatory requirements governing design and installation of obstruction lighting; on the other hand the most common and widespread regulations are ICAO’s (International Civil Aviation Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations) and FAA’s (Federal Aviation Administration, an agency of the United States Department of Transportation).

ICAO reference standard is called “Annex 14, Volume I Aerodrome Design and Operations – Fifth Edition”. The document, an International standard, contains Standards and Recommended Practices for Aerodromes (SARPs) first adopted in 1951 pursuant to the provisions of Article 37 of the Convention of International Civil Aviation and designated as Annex 14 to the Convention.

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