Marine Obstruction Lights

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Marinas and watercraft warning lights are using for marking a location on the sea or lake, so the maritime traffic is going to be in a safe manner by the help of this obstacle fixture. Mundo marine warning lights  are producing with the latest and high-quality LED technology in accordance with IALA 256. Electricity doesn’t need, beacuse it supplies the energy with the embeded high quality solar panel.Mundo solar lights are  very robust and long-life product and no need any maintanance cost.

There are various of color options with flashing and steady types.

The applications ;

  • Marine floating signs.
  • Mooring and researching buoys;small safety buoys
  • Private docks,boat houses swim rafts and so on
  • Sea ports warning
  • Runways lighting; Taxiways lighting
  • Runways edge lighting
  • Helipad edge lighting
  • Threshold lighting
  • Barricade markers
  • Flag markers
  • Emergency and portable lighting
  • Frangible base
  • Aquaculture, i.e  Aquafarm, fishery
  • Navigation for ships with 256 Flashing Codes


Solar Panel Obstruction Lights